Monday, March 26, 2018

221g_Updates from India

So after 5 weeks on 24th Jan 2018 the hubby got an email to submit his passport and within a week his visa was issued whereas I am still waiting. Tomorrow will be 100 days since document submission.
January 2018:- We put Riti in a play school nearby 3 hrs 9:30 - 12:30. Ritvik was super bored without his sister as he had no one to fight with or trouble. He longed to go to school too. The fees were ridiculous for a short term but finally we opted for a school and put him there. Had to pay 33000/-
He joined on 10th Jan 2018 and then immediately had 4 days leave for Pongal.
Ritvik being the ever social butterfly enjoyed going to school and made many friends. There was a sports competition for all kids from different school and he won 2nd prize in Shot put, apart from that he got the lead to anchor the whole programme for their Annual Day. The teachers were super happy about him and he was too. We also enrolled him in tennis classes, more as a meduim for him to go out and play in the evening.
Along with him I too went and did some walking/running for some time.

Once Gopi''s visa was issued by Jan end it was decided that he and Ritvik will fly back on Feb 12th. Then it was more off buying stuff for them, going to relatives place etc. They flew to US on Feb 12th and me and Riti went to Pune the same day.
2 weeks we stayed there, me and mom went for Padmavat one day,went shopping with sis, had Sizzlers one day, got my license done and many other such stuff.
meanwhile my client got verification call form DHS, returned to CBE on Feb 27th.

Missing the boys