Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My reads

1. The School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister --Love
2. The Cherico Cola Book Club --Light Read, Good
3.Orange is the New Black --Good
4. The Dirty Life --In Progress, Love
5. Relish --Fun Read

Friday, June 05, 2015

My favourite article of clothing --Blog marathon 3

Again I picked my prompt from here. My favority piece of clothing is dresses. I love wearing dresses with the curls and sways and the freedom that they give me.

I have owned a number of dresses and I want to buy more. The only downside of having dresses is also having neatly waxed legs.
As a kid I remember my mom had aksed an aunty to stitich a yellow color dress for me and that was my favorite with the frills and the curls. We never found anything like that ready-made in the shops.
I usually purchased lots of dresses as a kid and when I was done with it, it would be given to my little cousins.

Lately I have also bought maxis, these are also very comfortable especially in the summer time.

Some things which I had

Thursday, June 04, 2015

What do you do to get ready before a trip? Blog marathon 2

I picked this prompt from the website here.
Usually there are 2 types of trips that we make, the one back home to India or the short camping trips that we do here.
For the short trips if its not rustic camping and sightseeing then shopping is one of the main things to do.

I need to have different new costumes that will go well with in the pictures.

The camera needs to be charged and the SD card needs to be empty to be filled with all our pictures.

For short trips we usually rent a cabin or are driving out and what we need is lots of food
There is something about travelling that makes you hungry while on the drive or in the cabin, we alwasy need to be munching on something or the other.

Toothbrush and paste is the most essential ones and undergarments, have to have clean ones everyday.

I cannot do without my kajal and my comb which I have with me from when I was in the 8th std. i bought it in Dehuroad and it goes everywhere with me .

These are all the necessities, now the nice to have time permitting is to make sure I get my eyebrows trimmed and legs/hands waxed and ta-da i am pretty much ready for the trip.

What about you? What do you do to get ready for a trip. Join me and let me know.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Blog Marathon 1:Challenging Myself

Hop over to Preeti's blog here and join in the June month of blogging hosted by NaBloPoMo for June
They provide prompts which you can refer to or just write on your own.

Ready Set Go: Set a timer for 20 minutes and write about the best present you ever received. (Don't overthink these time-sensitive prompts. Just set the timer, write however much you can write in the time allotted, finish the post, and hit publish.)

It's 3:09 now and I will stop at 3:29 as I have a meeting to attend.

The best birthday present I received was in 2005. At this time I was on a 1 year onsite project and it was the first birthday that I was away from my parents. My then fiancee(who was in Mumbai) and I spoke on May2nd morning my time which is night(India time). Roaming facility on mobiles had just started and I was not aware of them.
Actually at that time he was travelling to Pune at my parents place. here, In US during lunch time my friends asked me to come home with them and i obliged, we went to thier place and had some frozen roti and curry and then one of them switched on his laptop and started fidgeting around. I wanted to get back to office but since we carpool and there was only 1 car, we had to wait for him. He kept talking things which did not make any sense liek I am trying to viddeo chat with my g/f and in my mind I was like, Dude, it's ofc hour, why cant you do this in the evening and my other friends were surprisingly not complaining, it was more than an hour we were out for lunch, he set the laptop and refused to show me the screen, kept hiding all the time and then suddenly they all frinds asked me to come near and the laptop and they also got a cake singing "Happy Birthday" song and when i looked in the laptop screen, I saw my parent with a beautifully decorated cake sitting on the table at home. I almost had tears in my eyes. I cut the cake here and they along with my fiancee(who had planned all this days ahead) cut the cake there @Pune and had the yummy cake. He also send me a musical collage of all my pictures from childhood till then which along with the planning he did was the best birthday present I have ever received till date.

Also thankful for the lovely frinds to arrange everything and give the surprise.
Love you all loads.......

Monday, June 01, 2015

Busy Week-end

Friday evening we had a kids bday party, so after getting my son ready and set we all went to our friends place, there we did cake cutting and then kids were talking and screaming and I returned by 9 with little r, left her at home and went to leave big R for sleep over and came back by 10:30 pm. Waited till 12 to wish SIL.

next day morning took all the kids for drawing competition then afternoon went for gems show, bought lots of fancy stuff, eve returned home and then went to play VB at Riley Park, returned by 9:30 pm and went out for dinner. little R was hungry and so we fed her soem egg fried rice as she was almost ready to bring the house down.

Sun morning woke up late, went to farm , watered around, then afternoon went for Schooner days with Big R, played Bingo, had some cheese curds, he played a game, won a parrot prize, came abck home, rested, went out in the eve and came back home.

busy buys