Friday, June 05, 2015

My favourite article of clothing --Blog marathon 3

Again I picked my prompt from here. My favority piece of clothing is dresses. I love wearing dresses with the curls and sways and the freedom that they give me.

I have owned a number of dresses and I want to buy more. The only downside of having dresses is also having neatly waxed legs.
As a kid I remember my mom had aksed an aunty to stitich a yellow color dress for me and that was my favorite with the frills and the curls. We never found anything like that ready-made in the shops.
I usually purchased lots of dresses as a kid and when I was done with it, it would be given to my little cousins.

Lately I have also bought maxis, these are also very comfortable especially in the summer time.

Some things which I had

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