Friday, October 02, 2009

Veggie Pachadi

Well the name veggie becuase I used some left over raw banana and bittergourd from the fridge.


Raw Bananas - 3
Bitter gourd - 1
Green chilly
Coconut powder

Heated water and put the cut raw bananas , some salt and turmeric and left to boil till bananas became soft. Once soft and cooled , cut into small pieces. Meanwhile cut the bittergourd in small pieces

Fried some onions and then fried the cut bittergourd and bananas. Once they were well fried take them out from the vessel. Meanwhile blend ground coconut powder and green chilly.

In the vessel add oil, some mustard, cumin seeds, red chilly and then add the ground coconut powder, fry them well, then add the fried veggies, saute for some time ,add water if they are getting stuck, to this add curd and keep on simmer. Adjust spice accordingly

Wonderful veggie pachaddi is ready