Thursday, February 02, 2012

Tea for two Tuesday - Second One

Preeti is hosting the "Tea for two (and a piece of cake) Tuesdays" as a part of the promos for her 3rd book.
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Today's prompt is
" The table is set perfectly, for 'tea for two'. (and the piece of cake is ready too).  I am really looking forward to this. There is still a good half an hour left for my guest to arrive as per the  text  I just got.
I had been eagerly waiting for him since morning, checking my hair, my face every now and then. We had been introduced two months back through the Internet matrimonial site where he had seen and liked my profile(put up by my parents). Initially I was not interested in talking to him, I had broken up with C after a year long courtship and the wound was still raw. But he was persistent in his approach and kept pinging me on Y! Messenger every now and then. One day with no work in office I got chatting with him and could actually smile at the end of the day. Online chat conversations and offline messages led way to phone calls and finally today was the day we were going to meet each other.
Suddenly the door bell rings..............  I rushed to the door and opened it. Standing on my doorstep was C, my C, who had parted ways with me almost 3 months back. His reason was that on his birthday when we friends had visited his home for the first time, his parents did not like me and flatly refused to agree to our wedding. On the other hand  friends told me of how they had seen him at the movie-theatres with A. I knew he had a soft corner for A but thought all that was over when we got together.  I did not know what to believe, every night through tears I would pray to God to return my C to me, to make him realize that I was the one for him, nothing in the world was more beautiful than 'we' together. I envisioned him realizing his folly and coming to me and how I would melt in his arms, cuddle him and smother him with kisses,  and now here he was, the man of my dreams, my heart standing in front of me.

Strangely enough I felt nothing, just like that my feelings for him were over.

Hi S, he said "I just cleared the AirForce selection and will be flying to Delhi for training tomorrow". Wanted to tell you personally as you were with me during all those hours of studying and exam preparation.  Take Care, Bye, he said

"Bye" I said as I closed the door. The half-hour was almost up. I rushed once more to the mirror to check my appearance after all my guest would be coming soon.


Naresh Khoishnam said...

And you are the B here? Lol. Nice read though a bit confusing for whom were the tea and cake prepared.

Horizon said...

No, I was the S. Do read once again and it should be clearer . Lol.

Anonymous said...

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