Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jan 21-22nd 2012 Week-end

G = Gopi
R = Ritzu
M = Me
This Saturday, the appt people had organized Bingo at 2pm. I was eagerly looking forward to it as in almost all the parties I am the organizer and this time I was looking to play..yaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Hubby went to do grocery shopping at 11:30, by 1:30 he had not yet returned, ufffffffff..he had promised to make sambhar for the dinner party we were having tonite, with no time Ritvik and myself eat rice, curd and pickle, hubby reached at 1:50, gave him a plate of the same thing and asked him to rush so that we can reach at 2 at the party hall.

Nov G got a new bedsheet for R and this monkey who otherwise does not want to sleep tells me -- Amma, vaangh..bed iil polaaaaaaaaaaam(Amma, come, lets go to bed). I tell him , No beta, there is a party , lets go and puts his pants and rushes both the boys out.
Luckily Bingo has not yet started, lots of prizes are kept and the tickets are free, finally we start playing and everyone around us is winning and all the prizes are going away, me &G manage to smile at how unlucky we are, when R says--Amma, appi vandache...(want to poop)..Timing, I tell you, had to immediately rush home and then clean him and it was 3 already, no point in going back, so gave him his new bedsheet and put him to sleep.
G got back winning a coffee mug and a puzzle game.

Night, we had invited soem friends over for dinner, G made sambhar, then I made potato sabji and peanut chutney, then made puris and finally made idlis. For starters amde soem strawberry milkshake. Total eeeeeeeeesh moment when I realized that 1-2 idlis were still kacha from inside, puris were just enough, I did not eat any myself,finally all left and we slept by 12:30.

Sun morning got up by 10:00, quickly made some idlis, we had to go to Sai Baba temple as ppl from our appt was doing the khana at 12:30. gave R his bath, took bath myself, then G took his bath, by the time we left home it was 12:30, when we reached temple khana was all over :(, since we already reached downtown we did grocery shopping from a Indian store, came back home by 3 and eat roti, and leftover potato bhaji and idli, tried to put R to bed, but he was not interested and so I slept and he finally napped 5-7, again slept late at nite by 12:30.

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RiĆ  said...

That sounded like a busy weekend!