Wednesday, January 04, 2012

2011 - The Year that Was!

January - Welcomed the new year by visiting a pub with friends, which we had not done for quite some time now. Did a lot of gym to reduce weight to look good in clothes that I would wear @Hawaii. Went for a week vacation to Hawaii. Started watching Prison Break and got addicted to it, would wait to arrive from office and get glued to the laptop.

February - Enjoying so called honeymoon  period with baby in India. Went snow tubing, still addicted to English sitcoms. Decided to quit TCS after 7 long years. Started job hunting and preparing for interviews. Did not get any call for the first 2 weeks but finally something clicked and got a confirmation by Feb end.

March - Applied for Premium processing for H1 visa. Anxiety if it would come in the 2 weeks time. Finally got H1 done. Joined new office. Sad about leaving old client.
Went to the casino and Gopis name was called in a lucky draw- he won $1000 Mystic Cash

April - Not liking new office, neither the commute, getting acquainted with everything and everyone, baby is back, excited to hold him in my arms after a long time, happy to hear him call me 'Amma'

May - Hectic month, bday came and went just like that,had gone to temple on bday, hubby got a ticket for speeding. Had to manage work pressure, home cooking 3 times for FIL, adjusting to baby's needs, sleepless nights, started baby in day-care, he kept crying(heart-breaks),managed to get through.

June - Baby settled in day-care, me settled in office, F-I-L left, a little less hectic, baby adjusted well here, Officially summer is here. Going out in the evenings, Ritvik making new friends and so did we.

July - Me & Baby managed to get viral infection, no one to take care, felt better to go to India, came out of it, weekends enjoying summer fun.

August - A month of celebrations as mentioned in this post

September - Tried to do a post everyday but left it mid-way. Reminder to self(should do one soon). Visited lots of fairs. Ritvik sat first time in the carasoul, merry-go-round and other rides and enjoyed it thoroughly. Broadmoor friends decided to organize a Diwali Dhoom even in October. Became in charge of Cultural Event Comittee.

October - Very busy and fun month. Meeting to discuss about Diwali Dhoom, Dance practise at nights, kids practise, oooooooooh I love being busy. Finally had the grand and successful event and then 2 weeks of birthday parties

November - My baby's 2nd birthday, making preparations, preparing for India trip, visa stamping documents, meeting office deadlines, had a gr8 birthday for Ritvik at Mall Of America, left to India on the 17th Nov, visa stamping on the nov 25th @Chennai, got the pink slip(totally lost), BIL's wedding Nov30th-Dec1st. Had fun shopping.

December - In India, wedding and after functions, got visa issued, missed hubby, wanted to get back soon. enjoyed at home(Pune), reached US 25th Dec, had New Year party and ushered in the New Year 2012


☆ Rià ღ said...

Quite an eventful year for u. Hope u have a gr8 2012.

Reflections said...

Wow...that was one eventful year for u:-))!!!!

Wishing U a very Happy & Blessed 2012!!!

Reflections said...

U have been awarded and tagged....come over and collect it;-D