Monday, April 14, 2014

On New Receipes and TV Shows

Last week I got these dinner rolls from Costco(Pav) as referred in India. Friday evening , I made hot yummy Vada-Pav , assembled the vada, chutneys with the pav and had them with evening tea. Night went to casino and gambled away winning a little profit.

Saturday just stayed at homeand did nothing major, night again went to casino and lost some money.

Sunday I made pav bhaji after a really long time. In the Mystic Lake caino they were hosting the Family Fued Show Live(sort of the same concept as that comes on TV)
Since we got free tickets we eagerly went there. Whole winter I watched this show on TV and was excited to get there. the show started at 7 and lasted for 2 hrs, even though we did not win any prizes we had a really great time.

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