Friday, April 27, 2012

Blast from the Past

This months topic among the group was suggested by Your's Truly :) and it was "To write a letter to your 20 year old self letting him/her know how you turned out to be" ofcourse a touch oh humour is always welcome.

So here goes my version of it.

My dear 20year old self,

I am indeed proud to tell you that even today, you are the cool- headed person you used to be, nothing much affects that thick skin of yours. You still leave everything to the last minute and believe that whatever happens, happens for the best.

Now for some blast from the plast

You should have really listened to Mom when she told you to keep your clothes and books neatly, if you would have done it then , you would have done it now. Unfortunately for your hubby, you still remain the messy kind, though nowadays I do see you making an effort to keep your room and kitchen tidy. And No, you still do not iron your clothes.

As for managing your home and cooking, you always were confident you could manage it when the time came and yes, you do! No complaints so far. You still like to try out new receipes and has not yet got bored of cooking.

Sadly, you did not have an arranged marriage like you hoped and not even to a Malu, infact it is to a guy with whom you converse in Hindi(so much for expecting to marry a guy with whom you would talk in Malayalam or English) and all that talks with friends about how we don't care how the guy looks, he should be able to talk good, your guy doesn't talk much but he does cook some awfully mouth-watering dishes and helps you with everything.That one-headed monster named Jealousy has not been showing its head for a long time and thats good. You have a baby boy and you love him a lot, I know how you were so Women oriented and against all boys but he's a darling!

You should have done your Masters in English like how Dad told you to because nowadays you are trying to see if there are Online Courses on Creative Writing(Irony of Life). But you wanted to do anything related to Computers to get a chance to come to USA and yes, that gets fulfilled. You came to US not once but couple of time, infact I am writing this in an office from this country. You did not have to waste time looking up those proposals where those Malu guys were in US because you know what, you made it on your own. Those big big companies like TCS, Infosys which initially took only Engineers considered taking associates with Masters and nowadays they take candidates with BSC degree, so you would have eventually made it there!

How you hated dancing and still remember Mommy having to coax you to take part in those yearly Onam functions, well guess what things CHANGE and how, you love dancing so much that while in Mumbai, you even enrolled for western dance class. Infact nowadays you are on the look-out of any opportunity to shake your leg or anybody else's for that matter.

Friends - You never did have any many girl-friends anyways, school friends with whom you are still in touch with and your 1 best friend, with whom you hardly talk all year what with she being in India and different time-zone and all but you both know you an just start a conversation when you meet.
As for guys , you always prided on being good friends with those few guys on whom you had crushes or vice-versa but let me tell you, that eventually you will end up stop talking to them because they still hit on you and it's really not very decent.

And yes, those pimples of yours does stop appearing after you turn 30+, so still a long way for you to live with them.

Some key accomplishments you did manage to make till now!
1) Come to US and travel to almost all major spots
2) Get parents to US
3) Get Married and have a baby
4) No longer skinny

I hope when you write a letter to your 40 year old self your accomplishments inlude more than this like working for an NGO, written a book, gone back to 140 pounds etc but till then Have Fun!After all you have only One Life!


Deepa said...

Hey check out the Creative writing courses at IGNOU. I have been wanting to try it myself!

Sonz said...

I could relate to many of the things you have written :) .. especially the keep stuff in place ... the irony is I like a clean house but I should not be the one cleaning it :) ... it takes too much effort and lasts for such a short while ... read a line somewhere which I use as my excuse - 'Your house is not an operating room - it does not need to be sterile' :) ...
Those pimples have a way of troubling you in your prime youth ... my war with them is still on !

Sonz said...
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Me said...

That was superb :)

M glad you could achieve all must be a very mixed feeling writing this na...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading it

Horizon said...

@Deepa - will chk out the site
@Sonali - I am amazed when I go to peoples house and it is kept so clean. I love your excuse :)

Horizon said...

@ME - Glad you like id. It was fun writing it. You should try it too

Amruta Marwah said...

Completely agree with the part about listening to your mom. If my mom were reading this, she would be nodding her head in agreement and wishing her daughters were more organized...I liked the way there was pride about your achievements, yet humility to accept that there is still so much more to achieve :) A good read!

Swapna said...

My accomplishments are same as yours:-)
I always loved dancing. Great that you have started enjoying it now:)

taa's mom said...

You are a totally cool mama. Love the nonchalant way you've written a letter to yourself, accepting yourself as you are. If we all could just do that, life would be wonderful. Take Care

Horizon said...

Thanks Amruta and Swapna.

Taa's mom--Came across your blog yday. Very well written posts!