Thursday, May 24, 2012


SO my 2 1/2 year old toddler is crazy about Toy Story Characters, Cars2 toys(Lightening McQueen especially), the entire lot of Mickey Mouse but his obsession with Spiderman runs another course of it's own.

I still do not remember when and how it started. When he was about 20 months old we would show him nursery rhymes etc on YouTube. After sometime he got bored of that and while I was browsing I came across the Spiderman theme song (which would come on DD over the week-ends). It was one of our favorite serials to watch. yes, yes, even I was in love with Spiderman unlike Superman and the rest.

So he watched the theme song again and again and then during his nightly story time routine his dad got in the Spiderman character to make the stories more entertaining. One thing led to another and soon he would be imitating spinning a web like Spidey and trying to fly like Spidey. His dad got him Spiderman stickers, we asked what cake he wanted for his 2nd birthday and the reply was immediate - Spiderman.

The craze just increased even when we went to India (for BIL's wedding). We went to a shoe shop to buy some shoes for me and I happened to loiter around the kids section as I had forgotten to get Ritvik's home wear sandals. Not finding anything good there I moved to the womens section, after sometime I see Ritz coming out with his uncle wearing a blue and red gaudy crocs. Turned out to be Spiderman crocs, the minute he saw it, he removed his shoes and wore those. Grandparents conveniently bought it for him.

After returning from India he asked for Spiderman watch (he got 2 of them), he has 2 Spiderman t-shirts and if he had his way- he would wear them all 7 days. He even has Spiderman undies(well, I got these for him).

Everyone in our apartment calls him Spiderman, for birthdays he gets Spiderman as return gifts in a Spiderman gift bag.

The stories we tell have to have Spiderman as the main character, so when I recite Cindrella it is not fairy God- mother who gave her the carriage and dress but you guessed it Right- Spiderman.Little Red Riding Hood is not saved by the woodcutter but by Spiderman who comes and kills the wolf.

So Mr Spiderman wherever you are, you have one super crazy fan in my SON.


Deepa said...

LOL! Cindrella's and Red Riding Hood's characters are going to be cracking up in pieces :)

Reflections said...

Hahahaaaa.....I dont blame him one bit I used to be crazy abt Spiderman myself at one time & knew the signature tune so well[I still like the old tune...remember the cartoon which used to come on DD???].
LOL@red&blue gaudy crocs & the forced entry of SM in every fairytale;-D

Horizon said...

@Nancy - I too love the old Spiderman song which came on DD- now me and my son both sing it

@Deepa - :). Howz India treating you?