Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Power Within Me

This month’s topic among the group was chosen as

“Given a chance, the power /sixth sense I would like to have & why.”

It does sound like a Beauty Pageant question and if I was a contestant my immediate answer would be world peace, Erradication of poverty, stop global warming etc.

Well, I am not participating in any contest and so I wanted to write about something which is much more practical. The answer came to me in one of my evening walks.

It so happened that 2 weeks back Minnesota which is know for its harsh winters had a beautiful weather on a Friday evening. The weather was perfect to go out to the park (when you have a toddler you don’t think beyond this). I picked Ritvik from the day care and eagerly awaited G to return from office to go out. G came, sat on the sofa with his cup of tea, said he had a head-ache and wanted some quite time. Soon after he got a call and immediately informed me that he was going out to play volley-ball. I was furious, here I was waiting for him so that all three of us could go out and he did not even bother. I think he understood my anger from my grumpy face and took Ritvik with him as well.

With baby & hubby gone, I decided to take a walk by the lake. There is a short route and a long route . I decided to take the long route and walk at such a slow pace that I would reach home only by 9 or maybe take 2 rounds and reach home even later. G would probably get a little tensed on not seeing me, I hoped. As I don’t carry a cell it is impossible to reach me, so I started my walk with all these evil intentions in my mind. I was halfway on the long route when I suddenly felt a little pain in my stomach. There was a bench few feet ahead and I took some rest there. Once I felt well I started walking and again that same feeling in my stomach, oh oh, it was then that I realized, what I was undergoing was Nature’s call, not to pee but to poop.

As soon as the realization hit I who intended to walk the slowest, walked the fastest that evening. The only prayer I kept repeating was God, please save me from any embarrassment. At one time I even thought of squatting in the bushes but this was not India and maybe someone would call 911 on seeing a butt naked lady in the bushes.I asked God to forgive me for my evil intentions to hurt G and the Power to Control. I literally ran past the stairs and dashed into the restroom.

This is a true incident and I immediately knew that I would want to have the Power to Control Nature’s Call.

I remember so many time in India when we would have to go to dirty/stenchy toilets, if only I had the Power I could always do it in my home.How many times have we drank so much water at lunch that in the meeting afterwards you want to pee so bad and crossing and uncrossing your legs also does not help.

Oh Lord! I would want the Power to Control Nature’s Call.


Bhagyashri said...

This post made me smile, I still am :) But yes, such a practical thing, it would be great if we could have control on these things!

Horizon said...

Thanks! the whole situation was funny, when I told my hubby later at night he was in spilts too.

Deepa said...

You are so funny :) Had me laughing all the way. You have made it so humorous - evil intentions, walked the fastest, butt naked lady in the bushes OMG!

And G with a headache getting ready immediately for volleyball! LOL! Totally relate to it! :)

Me said...

OMG....this was hilarious till the last word!!

Horizon said...

Thanks Me :)

Swapna said...

This was so funny. I am sorry, but I couldn't stop laughing at your discomfort. A similar thing had happened to me when I was pregnant. I was stuck in traffic for over 2 hours and it was pouring cats and dogs. I desperately had to pee. I had tears in my eyes by the time I reached home. Yup, it would be good to have the power to control nature's call:-)