Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Corona Updates --Week 4(Apr6-Apr10)

This week on wards Distance Learning was starting for us. Monday morning after my calls, made breakfast and woke up the kids by 10.
Once they were settled in, I sat with the little one to help her go through the videos and activities and with everything being New and all we really had a tough time. I had a shoulder and a backache with sitting with the little one watching videos and doing her activities and by 2, we were done with only 2, 4 more to go ...groan.
But over the days we have learnt and it is a much smoother process now.
The weather was not really great, so we ended up being at home most of the time except for one evening when we went to get some grocery.
The boy has his Piano lesson starting on Zoom and the little one already has her singing classes on Zoom.
She had a meeting with her teacher one of the days and she was pretty excited to talk to her.
The boy has his some friends on ipad and after his school work, he chats and plays games all the time.
For us it is pretty much the same routine in the evenings, workout, bath, cook dinner.
We did cook some gobi manchurian and had some panipuri over the week-end.

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