Monday, April 06, 2020

Corona Updates --Week 2(Mar23-Mar27)

Week 2: With the onset of the Week 2,I decided to things with kids a tad lightly. I decided to give then full access to TV/Ipad, so that they can do whatever they wanted till 5pm and I can do my work.
Ofcourse breakfast.lunch was  given on time :)

It was  a much more relaxful week. I woke up by 8:30 for my call and was done by 10.
The kids woke up after 10 - 10:30 and by that time I cooked breakfast.
Then they watched T.V whereas we went about doing our meetings/work etc.
Lunch was served between 2-3.
Work again till 5pm.
Then we all did our family 9 round workout for 30 mins which got us moving about.
2 days, the weather was really great and we drove to a park nearby which was practically empty and did some running around and playing with the ball.
Returned home to warm baths and tea and then it was nearly time to start cooking for dinner.
Night time watched T.V till way past our midnite.

Some of the things the boy helped in cooking..Matar Paneer/Tava Andha Sukha . Did not click any pics.
We also had panipuri one of the evenings.

I also started doing 10 min meditation from March onwards, it is with a group of friends who hold each other accountable. I am trying to make it a habit and get into a regular schedule

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