Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Rainbow Story

So I have already mentioned about the Rainbow story here

Last Saturday we had invited friends over for dinner and hence Friday evening we had to go shopping.
We picked lil Ritvik from day-care and I told him we are going to bank and then to Rainbow (our supermarket) to get veggies.
It was a bright sunny day and when we reached the bank he asked, Amma, where is rainbow?
I replied, No No this is bank, after this we will go to Rainbow.
He looked up at the sky and asks "Why no rainbow up there, Amma"?
And since I wanted to explain to him how a rainbow is formed but not in a very scientific way I told him that
"Rainbows are formed only when we have rains and sunshine together"

Now he knows that Rainbow has seven colors because that is a game we play, repeating rainbow color, so the next question automatically is, "How the colors, Amma"?
"So baby, when the sunlight touches the raindrops it forms seven beautiful colors
in the sky, which we see as rainbow".

He nodded his head in understanding and we stepped inside the bank.

This is written in response to Tulika's My Science Story Blogfest 

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