Sunday, March 03, 2013

IndiFiction Workshop Edition 5

A murder story that gives you the goosebumps and at the same time makes you laugh! Interesting eh!
This was the plot for the 5th Edition of the exercise for the IndiFiction Workshop.
A murder story including characters that need to be one 50-something & two 20-somethings. Of the three characters, one need not be straight (a homosexual or a lesbian... choice is left to the writer). You have the freedom to choose all three males or even all three females. One must be tech-savvy and one needs to be impulsive.
The plot is accrediated to Arvind Passey. Conceptualized by two popular bloggers TF and C. Suresh, Indifiction is a workshop for writers interested in fiction. 

My entry can be accessed here .

This is my first entry to the IndiFiction Workshop. 

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