Monday, May 11, 2015

Now for the Real Birthday

My birthday was all about my dearest Riti, we woke up by 7:30 and I woke my princess too, she could not open her eyes so early but when I called out her name she would smile in her sleep, awwwwwwwwwwww

Finally we woke up by 7:30, a friend had come to cut her hair 3 times, this would be given to the temple and then her uncle came to shave her hair. I was worried she would cry but she sat quietly without any issues until all her hair was trimmed, then I gave her a bath, we had breakfast and then left for mall of America where we piereced her ears, from there we went to S.V Temple, we wanted to have lunch there but they were out fo rice so we stopped at davanni's and grabbed hoaggies and reached home by 2, I slept for a while while the in-laws started cooking for the evening party. I woke up by 3 and preapared the bhaji for pav-bhaji, meanwhile payasam was done, SIL was making medu wada , in-laws were cooking rice while both the kids slept.

Initially we wanted to keep the party in a park but there were rain warnings and so we decided to keep it home, on Sunday the weather looked good and we decided to keep it at Round Lake park. So we asked everyone to gather there by 6:30, packed food stuff, plates, cups etc , got the kids ready and reached there by 7:00pm. On the way it rained very heavily for 5-10 mins but luckily the rain stopped by the time we reached the park and we got out all the stuff while kids went to play at the nearby play ground.

Then we cut the cake and heated the pav bhaji/medu wada/chutney combo, had veg biryani with raita and then payasam. By that time it started gettign cold and we returned home. i then went around and gave cake and payasam to friends in the colony.

All in all, a day ended well..Pics coming soon.                  

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