Sunday, September 06, 2009

Ona Sadya '09

Sambhar (Kerala Style)
Puli Inji
Raw Banana Kootu
Kadla Curry
Cabbage Thoran
Parippu Payasam

Sambhar(Kerala Style):-
To Boil
Tur Dal
Big Onions Sliced

For Ground Masala:-
Cocounut powder
Small Onions
Red chilly
Coriander Powder
For tadka:-
Small Onions
Red Chilly

In cooker take Tur dal + Turmeric + Big Onions Sliced+Tomatoes+Potatoes+Kayam Podi+Salt and boil for 3 whistles
In another kadai fry cocounut powder + small onions, once coconut turn a little brown add red chilly + corainder powder and blend in mixie. Keep this aside.
If adding more veggies like lady's finger, carrot etc boil them seperately. In a vessel take the boiled dal mix + boiled veggies, add the ground masala and tamrind paste.
Adjust spices accordingly. For tadka fry small onions + kadipata+ mustard+ red chilly.
Sambhar is ready.

Boil moong dal with lots of water for 4 whistles + Salt
In Mixie blend Coconut powder + eera + Small Onions.
Once dal is boiled off the gas, add this mixture and mix well.
Give tadka of mustard, kadipata,red chilly

Puli Inji:-
Cut ginger in small pieces and fry in ghee till it turns reddish brown.
Prepare jaggery water and tamrind water seperately.
Add this to the hot ginger mixture and keep stirring till the required consistency is acquired and the water is reduced in half and thickens.
Off the gas at this point as it will thicken more at room temperature.

Cut the velarika into small pieces. Add a little green chilly finely chopped and curry leaves and boil these. Add a little water and stir it continuously so that it does not stick to the bottom of the vessel. Let this cool, to this cool mixture add curd and mix well.
To this add a tadka of mustard, small onion, whole red chilly

Parippu Payasam:-
Boil moong dal with coconut milk and jagger water for 4 whistles. Once cooled add remaining coconut milk by keeping in open vessel. Add more sweet according to taste if required. At this point also add elaichi powder.
In a seperate vessel heat ghee and fry cashew and raisins and add to this.

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