Saturday, December 25, 2010

25th Dec 2010 - Merry X'mas ..How the celebrations changed over time

I still remember as a young kid excited I got on X'mas day. At this time we stayed in Khadki, Pune. Morning after breakfast we would go to Jaihind bakery in Kirkee market and get a nice yummy x'mas cake with Santa on top. This we would take to my parents family friends house(Samuel Uncle) and after a delicious lunch of chicken, rice and other delicacies..we would return home in the evening with the Santa toy which we collected as part of our collection.
Few years down the line we moved to Dehuroad and our neighbors were Christians, so for another 10 years or so both families celebrated it as a joyous occasion with lots of good food, drinks and festive cheer.
Then we moved to our own home at Pimple Gurav..still for X'mas we always got a cake and some wine, we did have some friends come over for good cheer.
But nowadays there is really not much celebration left. It is just a phone call from parents to their friends, just a small cake bought at home and some good cheer with the family.

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