Saturday, August 27, 2011

August 2011- A Month of Celebrations

Though August is still not over, it was a month filled with lots of outings & celebrations.
It all started on :
Aug 2nd 2011:The apartment complex we stay in decided to host the National Night Out which is an event meant to increase awareness about police programs in communities. You can find more information here.
Two big bouncers were got for the kids to play in(even adults if they cared), me & hubby both played c/o my little one. They had hamburgers given out, plus a DJ with a very cute African American who did some really cool dance steps and gave out gifts to all the kids.

Aug 3rd 2011: Darling hubby's bday. he got to cut 2 cakes. One that his friends got and 1 was a yummy upside down pineapple cake that I prepared. The picture of the cake I prepared does no justice to the softness and the yumminess of the cake.

Aug 6th 2011:
We had to attend a baby shower and the whole afternoon went in having fun with friends.

Aug 10th 2011: Had a happy hour with the team at work

Aug 13th 2011:Aug 13th 2011: Visited the Carver County Show. Lots of petting animals and Ritvik sat on the merry go round for the first time and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Aug 15th 2011: India's Independence Day Celebrations, again some Indians decided to have a celebration among all Indians complete with flag hoisting, singing patriotic songs, snacks and beverages. Kids came out dressed in their traditional best. It was a proud moment as each one sang the National Anthem in another country.

Aug 20th 2011:
Went to Kite Festival and created our own kites and then went to the park for a friend's farewell.

Aug 21st 2011:
Went to the Renaissance Festival.The Minnesota Renaissance Festival is a medieval village complete with royal court, peasants, jesters, knights-in-armor, and ladies-in-waiting. It is asthough one has been transported back to another world.

Aug 23rd 2011: Kids Play Date. So gain another dear friend in the apartment complex took an initiative to organize a Kid's play date or Kids Sports day if you may call it. The kids were divided into 3 groups and there were lots of activities for them.
The sports included Musical chair, lemon & Spoon, bowling game etc. Later on snacks & juice were provided and the day ended by flying lots of helium ballons in the sky. Dress code was red and it was amazing to see all the wonderful kids in the red attire.

Aug 25th 2011: Had a lunch outing with team

Aug 29th 2011: Mommy's birthday.
Wishing you a very very Happy Birthday Mom

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