Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Synopsis of my vacation

Week1: Reached Mumbai , midnite of 19th Nov 2011, as soon as I landed and felt the heat of Mumbai, wanted to rush back to hubby's arms, met parents and drove to Pune.
Was jet lagged and tensed about visa stamping. Before I left itself everyone advised me not to travel as I had to get my visa stamping done and everyone knows what a pain it is nowadays(with all the various colored slips the consulate hands out). After 2 days, flew to Cbe. Next day travelled to Chennai for visa stamping. Got the pink slip. Returned back to Cbe.

Week2: Wedding week- 2 days of shopping and 2 days of wedding. Had fun.

Week3: @Home, tensed, no updates on visa, well usually takes 4 weeks or more, should I cancel my tickets, what if I don't get it, missing hubby, nothing to do, Got newly married couple home, went 1 day shopping with them, they went to the bride's home, only good thing was to spend loads and loads of time with Ritvik.

Week4: Wedding couple went for their honeymoon, again stayed at home, decided if visa gets more delayed can spend more time in Kerala and Pune(grinning abt that). Got message passport is gonna be delivered, no idea if visa is issued, more tension, courier is delayed by a day, still nailbiting awaiting, finally passport delivered with visa, happy, went shopping.

Week5: Back to Pune, 1 day went to Kirkee to meet old family friends, 1 day went to Dehuroad, next day bank work, realized have to go to Mumbai to get bank account closed, went to mumbai one whole day, last day went to airport and flew to US.

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