Monday, August 05, 2013

Happy Birthday Hubby

3rd August 2013: Wishing you a very very Happy Bday. I called few friends home for a cake cutting and when one of them asked me if it was a surprise I went back in time thinking how I have never given you a bday surprise yet.
Over the years:
2005: I was in Stamford, US and you were in MN. I send you gifts and cards. One of them was my childhood picture that you had liked a lot.
2006: We were in Mumbai, India and celebrated with your roomates and friends
2007: We were in Mumbai, India and it was only the two of us. I had decorated the house with cards, candles , got a cake with a big lotus type candle.
2008: You were in US and I was flying from India to Wisconsin. We met at Chicago and on your bday were were driving to WI. I had couriered you a personalized bottle with the sayin "Grow old with me, the Best is yet to come" (which Ritvik broke this year)
2009: TCS friends came at midnite for cake-cutting  in US
2010: In US again and had friends come over at midnite for cake cutting. You did give a treat to all our friends the next day.
2011: US: I baked an upside down pineapple cake and got flowers(bouquet) from work. Had one family friend over at home.
2012: US: MIL reached here and TCS friends came at midnight for cake cutting. I baked a readymade carmalized cake and called some friends over
2013: US: This time I baked a red velvet cake with buttercream frosting and had some friends over for cake cutting.


Vincy said...

WOW !!! So many surpirses all these years and you say no surprises!!!. I loved the caption on the bottle " Grow old with me.. the best is yet to come...."

Hope you guys rocked the party.

Horizon said...

Thanks Vincy.. I liked the wordings too, hence got it penned on the bottle.

Remya Nair said...

Good one :) its shows how special this day each year has been to you, so much that you remember all so clearly :)

Horizon said...

Thanks Remya