Thursday, September 05, 2013

To my darling Bumble Bee (3 yrs 9 months)

When I was pregnant I only wanted a girl but God though otherwise and gave me a baby boy, I cannot thank him enough for putting this bundle of pleasure in my arms.
He takes care of me more then my hubby. I still remember for my birthday he kept insisting his Dad to get a Princess cake for Amma. I had invited all my girlf friends over and so hubby and kiddo went out. After all had left he returned and was playing with a gummy bear carton. Suddenly he assembled all the gummy bear on the sofa(compact) , put the carton top on my head like a crown and said, this is a cake, go ahead and cut it. While I pretended to cut it with a knife he started singing "Happy Birthday to you Amma princess" Oh! it was priceless. I wish I could record it, I asked him to sing again but he did not oblige.

He will be the first to compliment me on any new dress that I wear if he likes it. Similarly when I cook he will tell if the food is yummy or not. We do like to spend time with each other, reading books, simply giggling, fighting, kissing, hugging. If I get hurt he will immediately kiss the wound and tell me it will be okay. He wanted a roller skates which he got him 2 months back, within 2 days he could roller skate wonderfully on his own. He started learning phonics on his own and hence I had to also learn it to make sure I can answer his questions correctly. He can also ride his chotu bicycle without the training wheels. Whenever we go on trips he his happy to be with his friends, eat his food and do all other activities by himself and it is no trouble at all for me.
A picture of my precious


Reflections said...

Wow....ur lil one learnt to skate in 2 days....too cool;-o.

Awwww....Amma princess, only our children can make us feel so beautiful and precious:-)).

God Bless lil Bumble Bee.

Horizon said...

Thanks Nancy.