Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Diwali 2013

Wishing everyone a very Happy Diwali! This time I did nothing, not even light a diya at my place. Grandpa is not well and admitted in hospital, another sickness at sister's in-laws place so not feeling much like it either.

Sat morning we went out to get some pictures of the fall colors, came out good, noon watched movie and tried not to sleep but couldn't control and slept for 2 hrs, woke up , had tea and then a friend called as he was bursting fire-works,  took the kids down and had a fun time, made gobi paneer paratha at night.

Sun- Daylight savings started so we went back by an hour, made poha in the morning, noon had chicken curry, again decided not to nap at noon but couldnt control. By the time I woke up at 5:30 it was so dark thanks to the time change :(.
Cooked dinner of sambhar, bhendi sabji. Few friends stopped by and gave sweets.

That was our Diwali, hope all of you had a good one.


Vincy said...

Praying your Grandpa gets better. Its okay not to celeberate - its better that way on certain days.

Hey, christmas season is nearing - you can plan for that. :-)

Pepper said...

Sincerely hope your grandpa recovers soon.

I laughed at loud when I read about your failed attempts of not napping. Don't do that to yourself. Napping is awesome! :D

Horizon said...

@Vincy-- Thanks, he is getting well.
Diwali function rehersals are in full form

@Pepper - I love napping a lot but got a bad cough and so was trying not to :)

aarya d said...

Hey...I nominated you for an award. Visit my space for the details.

Sreeja Praveen said...


Please accept the Liebster from my blog :) Do hop in when u get time !!