Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Memorial Day Trip

Since the whole family was here and they have not visited Chicago we decided to go there for the long week-end with a stop at Wis Dells.
Since we were taking our own car we did not have to worry about booking rentals. G booked the hotels, Fri evening me , mom & sis decided to go and get some stuff from Walmart like ice/bread/jam etc. As we were gettign ready to go I heard R crying downstairs, on reaching him I saw his nose bleeding and he had got hurt all over his face mostly his nose. He was trying out some stunt on the swing and fell on his face. by the time I consoled him and put some dettol it was nearly 9pm.

Then we went to Costco to fill gas, from there we went to mall as I wanted to get a hat for R and then to Walmart , by the time we came back it was 10pm. I had not even packed our clothes. After dinner I packed mine and R's clothes and then slept asking mom to wake me up at 5 as I had to make paneer chilly curry and target was to atleast leave by 7.

Next day I was woken up at 6 as dad got late getting ready, I quickly made curry and took bath in 15 mins, then one by one everyone was gettign ready. Finally after packing everything when we left it was nearly 8. We loaded everything in the car and left, took a break after 2 hours and eat some snacks, then by 11:40 we reached Wisconsin Dells.
Our first stop was at the TOP Secret. Me and G waited outside wheras mom,dad,sis and both the kids went inside. They came out pretty quickly and then we went for the boat ride. We took the jet boat rides for mom, sis and kids.
We waited outside while they went for thier ride, they enjoyed it and as my baby said, it was awesome Amma.

We then stopped for lunch and had our packed chapati/paneer chilly sabji/pulav with curd.
Then we went to the Tommy Barlett Exploratory Interactive Science Center. It was hands on fun for all of us as we went about exploring all the things over there.
Finally we had to rush out as they ahd to attend the Tommy Barlett Water Show which is a very famous must see in Wis Dells.

Leaving them there me and G went to a nearby casino for some relaxation and fun.
We returned by 6:15, picked folks up and drove off to our hotel. On the way we stopped at a rest area for making tea but were surronded by mosquitoes that we quickly left from there after having hot tea.We reached the hotel by 8:50 but some drama ensured there too, apparently the site we booked gave us a preference of Smoking Room and the hotel did not have any Non-Smoking rooms available. After debating with the owner we had to go to another place 40 mins drive from there, by the time we reached there it was 11:00, we all had the remaining chapati/curry and went off to bed.


Avada Kedavra said...

Sounds like a fun trip :)

Horizon said...

yup--it was gr8