Friday, August 08, 2014

1 Month Baby

Tomorrow it will be a month since baby Bumshika(baby girl) was born.
So far it has been really easy peasey to manage her. She has been feeding well/sleeping well, not at all fussy and generally giving me a great rest time.

Sometimes at night if she sleeps at 11 we have to wake her at 6 for a feed that literally means I get sleep for about 6-7 hours at night.
She was back to her birth weight in a week and in her 2 week check-up she was 10oz and we also started tummy time for her.
Her umblical cord fell off the 10th day but the area was still pussy and bloody and so we had to take more care not to touch water, we have been giving her bath after 3 weeks and she has been sleeping well post her bath and also noons. Normally evenings she will be awake with short naps in the evenings and then deep sleep from 11:30 - 8.

Big brother loves his baby sister and even invented a song for her, Brothers love their sisters, I love my cutie sister Ritiha la la la la.........

He always wants to kiss her, hug her, squeeze her, try to play with her............

Love both my babies.....umaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

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