Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blog 8 - Day to day activities

Thinking again on a writing prompt for today --let me put out my day to day activities as is today.
6:30 am - Ritvik kept tossing this way and that, had to keep one eyes open to see he was awake, eventually he slept of, but I woke up-- got some work done till 7:30 am.
Baby boy got up at 7:30 am...played till 8..fed him, changed him and then went to get ready for ofc.
9-had breakfast--fed Ritvik again and left at 9:45 to office.

till 5 @ofc..
back @5:30 - play with Ritvik.
@6- Ritvik goes out with grand-parents, me go to play volleyball or throwball.
@7 Ritvik is back - need to feed him his fruits
15 mins of play again outside--if the weather is good- take Ritz also,
@8 back to home--play with Ritz, @9 give him his bath, feed him and he sleeps by 9:45 - 10 pm
@laptop for some time and sleep by 11:30 pm

Goodnite--satisfied day...

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