Monday, May 23, 2011

Babies crying are noise for some and heart-breaks for some

It is strange how when we hear kids crying as in not screaming but even crying we really might glance do an Ohhhhhhhhhh and walk away, until it is your own kid that cries and all you hear is your own heart-breaking.
Yup, i say this because my baby started day-care this week and he cries when I leave him and the whole day I can do nothing more than just think about him. My heart-breaks a thousand times from when I leave him till when I know he has been picked and at home.
Even before I started I heard so many parents tell- my baby cried for 2 weeks, every time I drop off, he cries, I nod my head, just listening really coz I dont realize how they feel until I have to leave my own and he cries and I can melt down in tears too any time soon.
God, give him the capability to get adjusted to his new surrondings and me the strength to bear with his transition.

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Anonymous said...

I got a real pleasure reading you.