Wednesday, June 01, 2011

I think I did a good job

So today the FIL left. Sadly I could not go to the airport as office is far from there and would take lots of time back and forth.
So it was one month of cooking for me non-stop. I really appreciate and wonder how the ladies manage home and jobs and father's, mother's, in-laws, brothers,sisters in short the entire hosuehold.
I keep wondering how the ladies in Mumbai cook food, leave early to catch the train and return alte at night and still manage to cook dinner + take care of the kids etc, really hatos off to them.
I had a good tiem cooking, 1st experience for me to make all 3 square meals but boy was it tough with the job and sometime food did not taste all that great also.
But all in all I did manage to cook 3 meals- all different varieties for a month.
Now I need a long long break from everything :)

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