Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Baby at day-care

So this time we decided to settle on a proper Kindercare for my baby.
After a little bit if searching decided to go with one near our home.
May 16th 2011 was his first day. Well the poor little thing did not know anything and very happily came in kaaaaaar with amma & appa. At the day-care they were giving juice which my boy very happliy drank and then it was play time- so with everyone else he went out. At that time we decided to leave.
After going out he realized we were not there and then was sad for the 3 hrswe left him there.
We decided to start with 3 hald days, so the next 2 days he was practically crying all day, not eating. But once we got him home he was fine.
The week-end he got cold and so we did not send him until Thu where he spend the half-day crying and so on Friday.
The 3rd week also we decided to do half-days, Tue he eat his lunch but was crying consistently and would not nap also, would nap for 10 mins and then wake up screaming. Wed we got him home early as his grandpa was leaving for India but he had a better day, Thu was crying most of the time, Fri he warmed up to one of the substitute teachers and after waking up from nap also did not cry.
6th June 2011 started his 4th week, Mon when I left him he cried a lot, poor thing breaking my heart in a million pieces but after 1 hr he was fine and did not cry the remaining time. He did eat his lunch and nap for an hour.
Today when I left him he kept crying int h car itself and would not let me go..let's se ehow today is :(

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