Friday, June 24, 2011

10 Day you Challenge Post 1- Ten Secrets

I had come across this challenge at one of the blogs I read and found it interesting. Now that another of my favourite and everyday read blogger Preeti was doing it here and asked us to join, how could I not.

So here's the challenge
1) I was a big time sucker for maintaining friendships all the time but now realized that it is not worth it always

2) I love my parents and in-laws a lot and can do anything for thier happiness. Even more tham my son, yes this is true I cant even start thinking about the millionth + 10 things they have done for me.

3) When I was a teenager I wanted to marry someone whom I was madly, passionately in love with , but over the years and experiences I decided better to marry someone who loves me that way, I did that and now I am relaxed and happy in life.

4) It is better to marry a guy who can help in household work than one who can talk well and do nothing

5)I hate it when people say they will do something and then conveniently forget about it. My reasoning is dont say if you are not sure of doing it.

6) I never understood why people have gfriends/bfriends. Being committed to one single person was so lame, you always found the next one better. I decided to remain single till marriage, uske baad to hopefully ek hi rehenga :) though I still refer to my ek lauta ek pati (abh tak)

7) My house is messy most of the times and I am too lazy to clean it and really I dont see anything bad in it :)

8) I do not spend long hours on phone when I am with someone, so If I am out with friends my time is thiers completely, or with parents(it is thiers),or with hubby infact I dont even have a cell phone

9) I never plan in advance for anything, everything is kept till the last minute

10) It is very difficult for me to say 'No' to anyone.

So here are my secrets, do join in if you are intersted.


karthick r said...

Point #6 - Killer punch eh? :)

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