Tuesday, June 28, 2011

10 day challenge - Post 5 -Six Places

1) Dehuroad, Pune - This is the place where I spent 16 years of my life and I absolutely love the place. From my childhood to teenage lives, all the experiences, all the fun, totally rocking place.

2) Kerala, my home-town, used to love going for vacations every summer, living in huts, playing in the oceans and sand whole day, eating coconuts and mangoes, this is one gorgeous palce to be in.

3) Florida, USA - Hubby and I had 2 totally fun packed vacations here before marriage and both of us love the place

4) Stamford, USA - I was here for a year and boy it was a total masti filled place, never did I gamble so much, or play cards so much or danced so much or give gaalis so much or laughed so much. Totally rocking and rocking friends!

5) Lonavla, Khandala -- Had gone one monsson with friends, It is beautiful, all the greenery and you can see water on the leaves. We had great fun.

6) PP, Pune:- Home where my parents live. I can go home over the week-end and not step out on the verandah also, love it here

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