Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A week-end Outing

The forecast for this week-end was rains which was nothing new considering the trend we are in now. Saturday morning, Ritzu woke up at 7:55 am, if it was a week-day he would not have opened his eyes before 9 , I am sure :), so I had to drag myself out of bed to make his milk. Immediately hubby made a demand of poha as bfast. After that was done and since I was too lazy too cook anything for lunch we decided to go to the temple. They had the 5-year Anniversary celebration, so off we went.

Reached temple by 12:30- had darshan and then went to the eating room. For $5 we got masala vada, curd rice, plain rice, dal, chana, masala rice, papaddum and pineapple sheera.
After this and lots of photo sessions outside the temple we returned home. Ritzu still di dnot want to come inside and started playing at the new play-area they have started int he apt complex. Finally after a hr, I managed to take him home and put him to sleep at 4:30. We woke up at 6 and then decided to go to the mall.

We wanted to get shoes for R, at the shoe are he liked one with a car picture on it and was very xcited to wear it and show-off, so cing his xcitment we decided to buy that one. A mall visit is never complete without going to the play area, R was exhausted with all his play, came home had dinner and off to bed.

Sun morn again R woke up at 7:50 am, after a break-fast of upma and banana we decided to go to the History Musuem. After taking our bath and getting ready we left home by 12:00 and reached the musuem by 12:40. Since it was Father's day we got free entry to the musuem. There were different secions, there was even a play-area for kids where me and R went up above and came down. From there we went to the St Paul Cathedral, after praying and taking in the calm and peace of the church we went to the State Capitol. It had the Senate Chamber and the Supreme Court, there were also lot of beautiful paintings put up. There were huge pillars aligned along the stairway.
Then we decided to return back, On the way we stopped at Champs and had some Cajun Shrimp pasta and apple-pice cake, reached home at 5:30, R played all the time till 8:30, finally had dinner and slept and today morning(mon) he did not open his eyes before 9:15!.

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