Monday, June 27, 2011

10 day challenge - Post 4 -Seven Wants

hmmm, this is so interesting, I used to always think If I got 3 wishes, what all I would ask for and this is seven. so let me go wild here

1) A Jeannie to do my housework like the one in 'I dream of Jeannie' except a more tame one

2) Lifetime membership to spa for face/body massages

3) Monthly Salary without doing much work or no work would also be great

4) Food generating machine, so all I have to tell it is what I want and it would be ready, ooo all the tiramisu and ice-creams and chicken tandoris that I can eat

5) Well to be a little practical, with pt 4 I would also always want to have an hour glass figure

6) Romantic vacation in Italy

7) To be able to complete things, I am so good at starting new things but do no thave the patience to take them to completion, so lots and lots of patience or a magic wand :)

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