Wednesday, September 07, 2011

7 years ago........Post 7

I first laid eyes on him 7 years back on Sept 8th 2004. I was on my second project assignment to US, in the state of Minnesota, in a city called Eden Prairie.

I reached the place at midnight of 7th Sept 2004, I was assigned a new project and I did not know anyone onsite i.e in US. I was told someone would pick me up at the airport and sure enough when I landed I met a guy who introduced himself and took me to my apartment which I would share with another girl.

Sept 8th 2004 (Wednesday), me and my roomie woke up and got ready to go to office.
This same guy had a car and he would take all of us. We both girls got in the back seat as the front seat was already occupied. He then introduced me to the front-seat occupant saying, This is G, who works with us, the entire company depends on him and the first thought that came to my mind was--Really! this lanky looking guy, what does he do that is so important? Well soon enough I learnt that he managed the databases which is the core of almost anything in IT industry.

We had an argument in the first week itself and then on whenever we spoke we were always on the opposite sides of the table. I have already mentioned in a post here if he was North, I am South , that different is our opinion on all things.
I remember one incident where in there was a migration going on and most of the people were working late night. My roomie happened to be one of them, in the morning G got some break-fast for her. After he left, my roomie says to me, Isin't he sweet and my reply was, "Yeah, a bit too sweet". It is a known fact that girls fall for bad guys and I was in that category too.
One thing led to another we soon became friends and got married 4 years back.
There was no formal proposal or anything from either side for us to remember and celebrate but we both remember this day and always celebrate and cherish the first moment we met each other.

So darling, wishing you once again and may we celebrate many more years of togetherness.


☆ Rià ღ said...

Thats a lovely story...happy anniversary!! :)

Horizon said...

Thanks dear

Reflections said...

Awwww....this is really cute....I really liked the way u told the frills, just facts:-)).

Please accept my belated wishes!!!!!

Horizon said...

Thanks Nancy