Friday, September 02, 2011

Ganesh Chaturthi - Post 3

Ganesh Chaturthi has always been one of my favorite festivals. I love Ganeshji, he is like a friend to me and am sure to many others too.
Now Pune is famous for all the Ganpati mandals and big celebrations, growing up we would always go to the bazaar to see the different type of mandals and decorations they had.
For 16 years I stayed at Dehuroad Estate and every year they would keep mandals and have various programmes. During the last 6-7 years of our stay there the mandal near our house used to organize really fun programs for the 10 days and year after year we would wait for them.
There would always be Antakashri competition, Fancy Dress, Rangoli and it would be concluded with Tambola.
A huge crowd would gather to play Tambola and whenever anyone won and went to get their tickets checked we all would scream out loudly 'Bogie, Bogie'. This was like a chant till the person was declared a winner or else it really turned out to be a bogie ticket.
Now there is an incident related to this, one day I received a letter(now during those days we rarely received any letters, as luck would have it my mom did not open it and when I opened to read it it turned out to be a love letter from one of the guys and the only hint was 'Bogie').
Well, I was not very interested anyways but even if I was I had no clue who the sender of the letter was.

After we left from there we moved to our own home so I have never been part of any Ganpati celebrations.
I miss those fun days with my friends and family.

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