Friday, October 07, 2011

Diwali Dhoom & a Disapearance

Do not get misled by the Title. I know its not Diwali yet but I had disseapeared for some time from the blog world and the reason is Diwali Dhoom.

The ladies in our apartment complex decided to host a Diwali Dhoom get-together on the ocassion of Diwali on the 22nd Oct 2011.
First there was a committee meeting of about 10 ladies though gradually the group reduced to 5, lots of meetings,decisions to be made on how and when and what to conduct.
After much delibration it was decided to have registrations for the occassion.
We then got busy with preparing of Notice boards, putting out the content and then actually being there for 3 different days on the end of September to actually allow people to register.
Now let me tell you that each meeting for this used to last for about 2-3 hours(yeah, that is how it is with ladies, we go to the very minute details)
I got myself assigned as the Program Committee incharge. We also decided to have a ladies dance and kids dance.
Along this by the end of September came Dussera. Now that almost all the ladies knew each other we decided to do Nine days pooja at each ones house.
I volunteered to do pooja at my house on the Sunday but I had to attend pooja at other people's house. So coming from office @5, make tea and boil milk, cook food, then go for pooja, then meetings, and night dance practise.
Whoa! very hectic days ahead and so people that is the reason for my disapearance.

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