Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Week-end Oct 15th -16th 2011

Busy Busy Week-end. First things first, as it is I am pretty busy with the Diwali Dhoom organizing and dance practise part of it.
So Fri eve we went shopping, had to get pants for Ritvik, initially thought of eating out but then came home and fixed a quick dinner of mor curry and bhendi sabji and all the effort is worthwile when you see your baby eating munching away the food :)
Sat woke up lazily at 8, after calls to home made poha for breakfast, kind of lazed the day as evening we had to attend a bday party. Got ready at 6:30, wore saree, had to call a friend for help, went to the party at 7, had gr8 fun, serving drinks and cake, munching on food, returned by 10:00, then went for practise till 12.
Next day woke up by 8:30, again had another bday party to attend, this time in the morning, so went there returned by 3- slept till 6, then went around the apartment for a walk, made some lemon rice, had dinner and rested.

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