Tuesday, January 15, 2013

When Harry met Sally errr ME

I love Harry Potter books. I have read all 7 of them.  Couple of years back I could even doll out the different spells. You must be wondering why I am writing this here as there are tens and thousands of even bigger Harry Potter fans than me.
But it was not love at first sight for us. I remember the "Harry Potter" craze was sometime when I had just started working. I used to travel to and fro by train and one day I saw this girl reading a huge novel and then later on praising the main protagonist in this case Harry himself. I, consider myself to be a huge reader and so took the book and started reading(I guess it was the 2nd series). Even before I went to the 3rd page I was bored. I felt it was very kiddish and did not bother to read it again.

Few years later a friend and his fiancee came to stay at my place, he is an avid reader himself and it so happened that he was reading Harry Potter(4th series). As they both left for office in the morning and i had to leave only a noon, I happened to see the book lying on the sofa and once again picked to browse through it. immediately I was transferred to a magical world, a world of witches and wizards. I could not put the book down until I had completed reading it. Thankfully he had the 5th series too. I finished reading that and then went in search of the initial 3 books. After having completed them I had to wait for the 6th and 7th books and the wait was worth it..and that is how I fell in love with Harry and met him finally.


Reflections said...

I love HP series too. I read the 1st book after 3 or 4 yrs after it was published. Didnt get the 2nd book so read the 3rd then the 2nd. Actually dont blame u for losing interest bcoz the 2nd book is a bit pheeka compared to the rest.
I remember I ordered the last book from an online site[new books are expensive to buy in Dubai] in India and was expecting my friend to bring it to Dubai. My friend had excess baggage and didnt bring it with her. U wont believe it but I burst into tears when I heard tht & my friend felt soo baad. She then told her husband who was coming after a week to make sure the book was in his luggage no matter how much excess baggage he had;-D.
Aaaaah memories....memories....;-D

Reflections said...

I not only have read all the 7 atleast 3-4 times I also have all the 7 in my bookshelf. Now my children are reading them...tho I have given them only the 1st 4 till now[the rest are under lock and key]. Which reminds me its time to take the next book and give it to them[one book per yr u see;-D].

Horizon said...

Oh! Nancy --you really cried. I think you were expecting it so much that you just let go.

Kids would njoy!