Thursday, January 03, 2013

Wishlist Wednesdays 4

This is part of a series of prompts happening at Preeti's blog < a href="">here
Today's prompt is
I wish everyone loved.........the child within themselves. Each of us had a child residing within ourselves and it is important for us at times to bring out those child like qualities.
I am not saying we should give up our responsiblilites but at times it is good to incorporate these child-like qualities in our day to day life style. Few points are:-

1) Living in the moment. Forget about past fights, abandon egos,forget about meetings and deadlines and just be what you want to be.

2)Don't care about what others will think. Go ahead and do what you want to do. Break all restraints, for ex: if you wanted to swing on the kids slide but were holding back go ahead and indulge yourselves.

3)Be curious like a child: There is no limits to their imagination. Look at things with a child's eye and ask endless questions.

4) See the world with new eyes: Like is a miracle and there is always something fascinating happening all the time. It is for us to see and enjoy the sun's rays or the buds blooming and to realize that we ourselves are a miracle and every moment we have is a gift to be cherished forever.

5) Laugh out loud: Laugh out loud on anything you find silly and believe me it's a great feeling.


Komal said...

Hi, liked the 5th one. Laughter is very contagious and the more spread, the better. Best regards, Komal

Horizon said...

Thanks Komal