Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bumble Bee's Nakras

I call my baby Bumble Bee fondly though that has nothing to do with the post that I am putting here. Just soem background in case you are wondering abt the title.
Now that Summer is here our routine is pretty much set. We all reach home by 5:30 pm. After making tea and dinner preparations I go for my walk at 6:15. Father gives Son his bath and they come down to play by 7. By this time I have reached back.
Adults play volleyball while kids play together till after 9. Now it's time to go home and all the kids go to thier respective houses except my Bumble who wants to go to any one of his friend's house to play again.
Me: Come Bumble, let's go home
Bumble: (already running to someone's house) Amma, 2 mins play pannite varlam(Will play for 2 mins and come)
Some days I manage to catch him while other days he is quick to run away even before the people whose house he is going has reached there.
Nowadays he will go and demand for chocolate and gummy bears.
When he returns home we have a big argument . I rant and rant  about how every kid go to thier own house and only he runs away and he should listen to me.
He wills tart crying and tell "Sorry, I will be a good boy and listen to you etc etc"
I threaten to not take him out if this continues, he will cry and tell Pleaseeeeeeeee
Again next day the whole thing is repeated..

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