Sunday, May 05, 2013

Happy Birthday to me

Birthdays have always been special to me.
Away from family it feels good to share it with all of you - special friends.
Loved the personalized jewellery box to the hand made card to the personal gifts.
Glad you all could came to share my day. I will always cherish these wonderful moments.
The day ended with my little one singing "Happy Birthday to you Amma princess" (I did not miss my dad this time, Ritvik made sure of that)..

Now the details follows. We have a very large group at the apartment we stay. Few of my friends were moving back to India for good and one had bought their own house and was shifting out,so I decided to do a birthday /farewell type  party.
Normally I would think one month in advance about what dress to purchase etc, this time it was what to cook.
Finally I decided to make Pineapple upside Down Cake/Veg Pizza (from scratch)/Spring Rolls/Paneer Puff and Bhel.

I made the cake and the pizza dough on Thu(2nd May).
Morning of 3rd called home and worked from home , in the middle of that made Pizza sauce and steamed the veggies for spring roll.
At 3 I closed my laptop took bath and then made the paneer puff and friend the spring rolls.
Then by 4:30 I but the first pizza to bake. I had a friend N come over who helped in rolling the pizza , by 5 G and R came home and then we cleaned the house and also cut onions and tomatoes for bhel mix(mix and chutneys were readymade)
Finally at 6:30 I cut the cake and send the boys out, my friends had stated coming by that time. Once everyone was home we eat and then played some very interesting games. Finally they gave me a very beautiful personalized jewelley box with my name , we took lots of pictures, laughed a lot and had a good end to a beautiful day.


Vincy said...

Belated birthday wishes to you my dear. Post some pictures taken - would love to see you in all your birthday glory.

Horizon said...

Thanks Vincy. Will upload soon