Monday, March 10, 2014

100 Happy Days: Day16

So if you remember this post that I had written a month back when we had enrolled our son in a new swimming school. He was put in the Little 1 category. For the first 2 sessions, he would not put his face in the water. I still remember one session where in for 25 mins from the total 30 mins session that we have the instructur asked him to put his face in the water and he refused.
Instructor: Ok, put your face in the water
Son: NO, I don't want to
I: You don't have to want to, you have to do it.
Son: No

and this kept on repeating until the last 5 mins when he did put his face in the water for some time. The instructor asked us to practise putting his face in the bath-tub so that he gets used to.
I did not compel my son but as soon as we returned home he himself filled the tub and put his face in the water and then there was no stopping, he was always ready to put his face in the water(not for a long time) but for 2-3 minutes atleast.

At this time they were enrolling for the next Spring session and the instructor asked us to repeat him in Level1. Hubby was not very happy and we decided to ask them again. Last week was his last session and before i could ask his instructur he himself told us that we could enroll our baby in the next level as he has shown a lot of improvement.

So yeaaaaaaaaaaaah, our son is now in Little 2.
Way to go baby!

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