Thursday, January 06, 2011

And then she entered my life..................

And then she entered my life. N has been and will remain always special to me. It was not that we hit it off instantly because even after they moved opposite to our building I hardly spoke to her. She and another friend R were always together being from the same school and all.
In fact initially when they moved in her Dad asked her to go out with us and she did come for a night walk but me being the introvert hardly spoke to her, my sis did all the talking.
Somewhere at the end of my 10Th std examination is when I got talking and hanging to her and R. Slowly we both realized we had way too much fun with each other. We could talk about anything and everything in this world, could talk out loud of all our dreams & aspirations without being judged by the other.
Could ogle together at good-looking guys :), play mischief on aunties in the colony, puncture cycle tyres, climb trees to get mangoes, cheat in carom, monopoly..we always had each others backs covered.
She was the one person whom I could tell about anything wrong that I have done without being judged. She is the one and only person till date to know all my secrets.
We went to the same college and so got more time to spend together though in college we had different groups. We always exchanged cards/gifts on Friendship Day.
Those Summer vacations I was never at my place, all the time hanging out from morn till nite, inface we even had a schedule for that. Morn after breakfast we would play carom with the bachha party, then come home for lunch, then again go and play monopoly or just ghupshup, come home for tea, then go out again to play, come home for dinner and then again for night walk, in fact it came to such a point that our dads started complaining that they hardly got to see their daughters..well hanging out with friends was more important at that time :)
Now she is married and has a Son, we are in touch via email but will definitely meet her when I go back.

Till then to N for always being there for me.

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