Saturday, January 01, 2011

Jan1st 2011 - My First Best Friend

My first childhood friend J in Kirkee. Our family were friends and being of the same age it was just obvious that we got friendly. We played together..had nightouts dinner together..celebrated Christmas together and without actually trying were with each other. We happened to go to different school's though but that did not matter as all evenings we were together.
Then we got transferred to Dehuroad but even then we did meet up once in a month when we went to their place or they came to ours. There was no telephone at that time that we could talk regularly, but when we went I remember how we would tell each other that in letter writing in English she wrote a letter to her best friend addressed to me and I was so happy to hear it.
After a few years the visiting became less frequent and we made other friends and went on with our lives
She is now mommy to a beautiful daughter. We still meet at family occassions though very rare but still have all news about each other as our family is still in touch.
But dear J you will always be my first best friend.

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