Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Do I miss my baby?

Here is how the conversation with other mommies go?
Mom: How is your son?
Me: good
Mom: U must be missing him na?
Me: uhhh-ah--not really, all the time in my mind I know she is expecting an answer like --ofcourse I do, so much...........

Does that mean I don't love my son? Well no, it just means that I live in the present.
I give my time and attention to the person i am with currently in this case my hubby, yes I know my baby is happy where he is and soon we will be together but until then we both will have to wait.
Even when I am at my parents place I will spend time with them, not talk over the phone with friends or browse for long hours on the computer, all that is a big No - No for me.
When I am with friends I will be with them talking and joking or whatever it is we are doing together, you wont find me on ph with my hubby (if he does not happen to be there at the moment)
So you do get the drift ............and I would like it if others remain like that with me as well, not checking over thier cell or attending other calls when I am there.

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