Saturday, February 15, 2014

100 Happy Days 1

So I too decided to join the 100 happy days. I got inspired by some fellow bloggers who are doing this. Some of them are LittleFingers and Arya.
I am not sure I can do it consequitelvely but wills till try and blog whenever I can.

Feb 14th : We as a couple normally do not celebrate much as we both feel we do not need 1 day to express love blah blah..the usual.
To my knowledge restaurants are so crowded and service usually bad on such days. So was not planning much but friends decided to have dinner and so we 4 families went out to Pei Wei restaurant for dinner and then we girls went to the Casino (impromptu). Had fun playing 2 full hours of Bingo and back home by 2.

#Unexpected outing

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