Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Mindless Blogging

Now that the Blogathon is over there is no rush to meet deadlines, to think about what to write, no need even to open my blog for that matter but just to keep the memories alive I will write :)
Saturday I did some major cooking, made methi Chaman biryani which looked really yummy but while eating masala was less and brocolli manchurian. Due to heavy duty cooking for lunch did not make anything for note, watched Bullet Raja, movie is very aptly named because all i saw was bullets being fired here and there for no reason whatsoever or for the silliest reasons.
Night went to casino, no profit , no loss but played for nearly 2 hours which was great. i usually will loose money in half-hour sometimes.

Sunday made dosa and sambhar for lunch and it being Super Bowl was all ready to watch the match, had naps on both days and hubby wanted Egg puffs to party with friends, so made that too.
Dinner was pizza, prawns taco(home-made) and ice-cream.
Superbowl was not all that great as it was completely one-sided with Seahawks Seattle winning.

That was all, week-end over back to daily grind from Monday.

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