Monday, January 09, 2017

Post 9 - Puerto Rico - Day 4 Blogathon 2017

***Recap of Puerto Rico Trip***
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We did not have any itenary for this day, so we browsed on the attractions and decided to do the Camuy Caves.
The Camuy River Cave Park  is a cave system in Puerto Rico. It is located  in northwestern Puerto Rico The caverns are part of a large network of natural limestone caves and underground waterways carved out by the third-largest underground river in the world, the Río Camuy.
We got our tickets and waited for the trolley ride that would take us down to the caves, we passed a lot of rich foliage.
Once inside the caves we did see a lot of stalactites hanging down , there were steps to walk through the caves and the guide gave us some insights on the formation of the caves. Then we walked about and went to the mouth of the cave, took a lot of pictures and returned back. Normally I do not enjoy being in caves a lot but this one was good, a must try for all those who visit Puerto Rico.
We had booked our next two nights at the Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Beach Resort & Spa, Fajardo. It was a long drive to the resort, even longer was getting parking and then getting checked in, well, it was a typical resort with huge shops, eating areas, casino. We quickly went and checked in our room but unfortunately there was no microwave in the room, if we wanted anything heated up like milk etc we had to go to a nearby pastry shop and ask them to heat stuff(it really sucked). A friend of mine had told that there was a eating strip and the tacos were very famous, so we decided to do dinner there, I did not find any taco place so we just went with the delicacies there like crab something/lobster/fish --I don't remember the names exactly now.
It was great to be seated out on the patio and have our dinner, we then returned back to the resort and off to bed.


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hey this sounds like a real fun trip.

Glad you were able to enjoy