Saturday, July 02, 2011

10-day-challenge-post-9 -Two Songs

I am not a big music lover, I seldom on my own initiate songs but I do like to listen to good numbers
On that account my favorites are:-
1) Tujhe na dekho toh chain mujhe aata nahin hain--ek tere siwa koi aur mujhe bata nahin ahin--kahin mujhe pyaar hua toh nahin. I know this is picturised on Divya Bharati.

Maybe during teenage years this song was very apt and so it still lingers on my mind.

2) Miri ariyahde vanu nee miri....from the malayalam movie 'Niram' I love this movie and all the songs.


Vidya said...

i love the film Niram too....and the songs in it are awesome!!!

Horizon said... 2..loved the movie a lot