Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And then they turned red........ eyes. It all started with on Wednesday July 6th 2011 when my right eyes turned a little red, I thoguth a blood vessel must have broken,by evening it had a little swelling. Thu morning I decided to go to ofc and hubby was surprised thinkin I'll rest at home, and with all this the sore thoraty sensation had already started. By evening, in ofc I started shivering, went home and had so much shivers and jitters, throat had gone all bad, redness in the eyes still persisted, but I did not take any medecine
Fri morn felt better but redness still persisted so decided to get an appt, so difficult to get same day appointment, luckily had an opening for 2:30pm. Went to the doctors and again fever started. She saw my throat (very red and white marks) and with eye infection, she gave antibiotics and eye-drops and asked to take medecine for fever.
Came home took all medecines and slept. I should be fine by evening I thought.
By evening felt better but eyes still swollen and bloody red.
Had made some dal but eat plain rice, at night took medecine and slept.
Sat morn still not better (both eyes infected now), fever + horrible sore throat, managing to cook for baby and get along.
By evening fever is gone to be replaced by a splitting headache. Night not able to eat much food, went to sleep, woke up at 5(hungry/weak/tired), got some milk and corn flakes, immediately felt dizzy, managed to catch the chair else would have fallen down, next think I know is sitting on the bed, lied down, that feels good, slept. Sun - fever gone, body weak and tired, managed to cook and eat something. Sun passed by stugglingly.
Took leave from ofc on Monday. Felt much better. By Tue redness had decreased. Had a bath at night. Getting back to normal.


Raam Pyari said...

oh my poor you! get well soon :)

Horizon said...

Thank you..much better now :)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting topic , appreciate it for posting .